Technical information

Original title: Deja que las luces se alejen
Running time: 67 min.
Genre: Fantasy documentary
Original format: DCP
Origin: Argentina – Uruguay



Rapa lives a solitary life in the mountain, until one day a group of travellers arrives in the place and alters his routine. As the landscape is transformed around him, Rapa sinks into his memories when he finds an old photograph that awakes the remembrance of a distant happiness.

Director’s note

What encouraged me to start shooting was to get together with a group of people with whom I shared an important part of my life. The main character of this film is a friend of my teenage years, who decided to live a solitary life in Manatiales, a natural reserve located in the mountains of Córdoba. I traveled with my camera and a small audio recorder to the mountain and began shooting his routine. I spent two months with him on the mountain shooting everything he did, and then, different situations were appearing outside his activities that changed the dynamics of that shooting, and little by little the film was expanding its horizon and started erasing its own limits. Spontaneously, I found myself shooting nature and different events that happened around me in the solitude of the woods. Then I discovered that the way I shot the film was connected with the way I had felt for those months on the mountain. The reunion with friends after almost ten years without seeing each other, made me think a lot about time. We had shared our past, but somehow we were strangers evoking memories that didn’t belong to us anymore. I felt challenged by those emotions, so, I filmed my old friends and the things around them trying to capture in those images the nostalgia of the passage of time.


Script and Direction: Javier Favot
Production houses: CatnapCine, La Pobladora Cine, AtLast Producciones, Nabis Filmgroup, Nevada Cine, 2Mcine.
Production: Javier Favot, Valentina Dariomerlo.
Co-Producers: Alex Piperno, Alicia Gonzáles Martínez, Lukas Valenta Rinner, Andrew Sala, Sebastián Muro, Juan Pablo Martínez.
Camera and DOP: Javier Favot, Raúl Coronel
Sound Director: Nahuel Palenque
Composer: Carlos Quebrada
Editing: Javier Favot
Direct sound: Mariano Favot



Lucas Ingignioli
Nicolás Antico
Martin Donalisio


Fondo Nacional de las artes
Mecenazgo de la ciudad de Buenos Aires
ICAU – Uruguay Audiovisual



FIDMarseille – First feature films competition
Mar del Plata IFF – Estados alterados
La Habana – Documentary competition
Santiago del Estero Film Fest 2021
Festival Latinoamericano Tucumán Cine Gerardo Vallejo
SDEFF – Mención Especial a la Mejor Fotografía otorgada por La Asociación de Autores de Fotografía Cinematográfica Argentina (ADF)

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