Technical information

Oirginal title: Nha terra nha força
Running time: 80 min
Genre: Documental híbrido
Original format: DCP
Origin: Portugal, Uruguay, Francia



Chã das Caldeiras, at an altitude of 2000m, is a town within the caldera of the Fogo volcano, in Cape Verde. In the last eruption in 2015, the town was almost completely destroyed. Those who returned after the ashes remain firm in their will to stay there, resisting all adversity: the active volcano, the economic precariousness, the permanent specter of emigration. In the daily struggle, cereals are planted and harvested in the new fields and reconstruction works are underway: the road, the houses, the church, the souvenir shop and the bar. But the volcano doesn’t sleep and it hasn’t rained in a long time. During an ascent with tourists, Tabaco discovers a fissure in the crater, which puts the town on alert. In the unreal geography of the caldera, a mysterious hearse wanders loaded with black sand. There are those who dream of it. Appearance? Mirage? Death and life meet on the road to the town along a new path that disappears on the horizon, in the shadow of the apparently dormant volcano.

Director’s note

In November 2017, I traveled to Chã das Caldeiras, a village in the volcano caldera in Cape Verde, where I worked on a documentary project about the inhabitants of French descent. During my stay, I was impressed by the resilience and strength of the community in the face of the constant threat of the volcano. I met people like Rosângela, Zabina, Saviana, and Zito, whose desire to rebuild the village after the last eruption inspired me. Between my first trip and my return in January 2020, I stayed in touch with them and saw how the village was slowly being rebuilt. Upon returning, I confirmed my desire to make a film about the reconstruction and daily life in Chã das Caldeiras, highlighting the solidarity, sense of belonging, and constant struggle of the community. The film focuses on the processes of rebuilding the village, the creation of a football team, and the fight for rights as citizens. It is a testament to the resilience and determination of these people who, despite the challenges, choose to stay and build a future on their land.


Direction: Paulo Carneiro
Script: Paulo Carneiro, Alex Piperno
Production houses: Kintop (Pt), La Pobladora Cine (Uy), Providences (Fr)
Production: Paulo Carneiro, Elsa Sertorio, Alex Piperno, Laurence Reymond



CNC – Coproduction fund
ICA – Production fund
ICAU – Minority Coproduction fund
Ibermedia – Coproduction fund
Eurimages – Coproduction fund


Berlinale Doc Station 2021